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Back in 2016 we fitted a Tradesman style aluminium roof rack to our Prado and, although it was in the cheaper range of available options, it worked, well for two years it worked. The roof mounts were the weakest link and they eventually let go and, with that, the rack supports.

Roof Rack

Later on, initially through Instagram, and then at one of the caravan and camping shows we got to talk to the folks from Roof Rack City in Adelaide and found we had a lot in common. A love of the outback and spending extended periods camping and discovering new places came to the fore.

To travel to these places I find that I need to take a little more gear than usual and this means we need the extra space a roof rack can provide.

I told Ian, the boss at Roof Rack City, about my experiences and subsequent demise of my earlier roof rack and that in its defence it had stated “not suited to corrugations”. Corrugations as we know, can “kill” pretty well anything and as we always tell you, be prepared!

I explained that we carry an extra spare wheel on longer trips and often an OzTent and other gear up on the rack and so any replacement needed to be strong and durable. Ian just happens to stock the Rhino-Rack range of racks and given its cred out there in the 4WD community it was an obvious choice to replace my old rack.

This time round I decided against the Tradie style and went for the Rhino-Rack Pioneer flat rack with the backbone mounting system. Roof Rack City stocks all manner of accessories and so I purchased a few extras like shovel holders and other mounting hardware.


To cut a long story short I had the roof rack fitted and before too long I was mounting my custom made spare wheel mount and the shovel holder to the rack at home in my shed. The Rhino-Rack system makes fitting accessories easy even when adding a few customisations and I was very happy with the way it all ended up going together.


So, to the purpose of this blog? Firstly I wanted to thank Ian and staff at Roof Rack City for their first rate service and knowledge of their products.

If you live in Adelaide or are just visiting and you need anything to do with roof racks, rack luggage accessories, lighting or even specialist racks for canoes or bikes, then give Ian or Craig a call by phone on (08) 8246 6477 or visit the website here.

Secondly, after just touring the outback including the Madigan Line and western QLD and NSW, I can say that the Rhino-Rack performed admirably, even on corrugations. On top of that not one of the mounting bolts came loose even when carrying its maximum limit at times during the trip.

The Rhino-Rack backbone mounting system helps distribute weight over the mounting points and ensures a solid, stable platform. It’s also easy to tie down temporary items like firewood.

So if you’re planning or getting ready for your big trip and you need a space solution like we did then take a look at the tried and proven Rhino-Rack system to get you outback and then back home again.


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