The Mighty Mug

Everyone loves a good travel mug don’t they? Enter the Mighty Mug, the mug that won’t fall over.

When I’m out camping I usually sit on a camp chair with a side table or with a small multipurpose camp table next to me so I’ve got somewhere to put my coffee.

Mighty Mug

I’m not a clumsy guy but occasionally, when distracted, I might happen to knock my mug over and lose the precious contents.

The Mighty Mug features Smartgrip technology which essentially allows the mug to grip to just about any smooth, flat surface.  Simply lifting it allows you to drink from the mug. Smartgrip is similar to a suction cup that allows the mug to be bumped without falling over.

Even if you have a wobbly table the cup easily handles the unstable movement.



0.53L (18oz) capacity

Double wall insulation


Stainless steel

BPA free

Car cupholder friendly

A 100% happiness guarantee.

The manufacturer claims it will keep the contents hot for 6 plus hours and alternatively, cold things cold for 14 plus hours so whichever way you choose the mug it should serve you well. I couldn’t let this claim go without testing it.


So how did the mug perform?

When I filled the mug with boiling hot water 6 hours later the water was still hot enough for a cuppa so this claim lives up to expectations.

I also filled the mug with ice water and after 14 hours, although there was no ice left, the water was still quite cool to cold.

I don’t know about you but I often find that claims made by manufacturers don’t stack up to scrutiny.  Even though Mighty Mug supplied us with the mug I wasn’t going to just parrot the claims so to see it perform the way stated was pleasing.

Although I’m not sure if it would withstand a full on blow by an elbow an accidental bump may see it standing as shown in the following quick video.

The Mighty Mug is not the only product in the range. Also available are a Mighty Mug Mini, Mighty Mug Solo, Mighty Mug Ice and a couple of different beer and spirits glasses.

These are all worth a look and I’m sure you’ll find just the right one (or two) to suit your collection.

To view all the different Mighty Mugs available take a look at the website here.

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