Travel Insurance Checklist

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With so many things to plan and organise, it is important to ensure you are prepared for the worst, as anything can happen whilst away.

Travel insurance is essential so that you and your family are protected.After purchasing travel insurance, ensure you take the necessary steps to cover yourself against unforeseen circumstances.

Prepare yourself simply by following the travel insurance checklist below to avoid unnecessary confusion and stress whilst away.

Before you travel:

1)     Read the fine print to ensure you are covered for the right events otherwise call your travel insurer

2)     Photograph expensive items you are taking on holiday such as jewellery or electronic items

3)     Scan your passport and bank/credit cards

4)     Send copies of these images to your email address

5)     Ensure you keep your cash in two separate safe areas in the case of an emergency or theft

6)     Ensure you have receipts and/or proof of ownership for any expensive items you will travel with or purchase overseas

7)     Keep your policy number and the contact details of your insurance provider in a safe place in case you need to make a claim

8)     Keep your travel insurance medical assistance instructions nearby

9)     Ensure that your insurance policy covers up to the value of your items otherwise increase your coverage by calling your travel insurer

While on holiday

1)     Keep a spare copy of your travel insurer contact details and policy number with you at all times

2)     If you need to claim contact your travel insurer immediately

3)     If you are the victim of a crime whilst on holidays file a police report as soon as possible and  retain a copy of the police report

4)     If you make an insurance claim include copies of all documentation you feel is relevant including receipts, itinerary and airline tickets

Planning for the unforseen can save you a lot of headache and potentially save your pockets from thousands of dollars, especially if you have a family to look after.

Ensure you take the following steps to cover yourself and your family in the case of an unforseen accident or emergency whilst away. Stay safe whilst travelling overseas and make sure you are fully covered.

Travel insurance assures you and your family are protected for unforseen events such as loss of luggage, weather cancellations to medical emergencies.

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